Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Meditation through drawing

After a particularly difficult period in my life a friend suggested Zentangle. I have found my Zentangle journey to be of enormous benefit. It, for me, is a great way to release tension in a short period of time, and to feel renewed and invigorated. 

A Zentangle is satisfying because a product can be produced in a short period of time.

I have discovered that there is an amazing online global community, who willingly share their ideas and their beautiful Zentangles. It is fun participating in such a community! Here are some great web links to get you started.

Weekly drawing challenge

Zentangle, own string, Pax, Sez, tipple, Isochor, Nipa

Zentangle Pax Sez Tipple Isochor Nipa

My starting point was to use Beckah Krahula's wonderful book One Zentangle A Day. This book lovingly and methodically took me through a whole range of drawing techniques until I felt comfortable creating my own unique Zentangles. It took some time before I could use the web pages listed above as a resource as they were a little overwhelming at the start. Now they are my daily companion as I explore new patterns and combinations of ideas.

An early Zentangle using Flux Knights Bridge Festune Shattuck and Poke Root

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