Wednesday, 20 May 2015

About me

My transformational journey to health and wholeness

Greetings! My name is Helen - which in Greek means goddess of light! I choose, with grace, to embody my name.

I'm a wife, mother, meditator, business owner, a healthy lifestyle and transformation advocate. I am, at the age of 57, the healthiest and happiest I have been.

Through my somewhat messy life journey I have found some amazing guidance, often through mentors, along the way. My hope is that my website will be a portal for you to link to some amazing thinking and ways of being. It may not always be within your current paradigm - but that's okay isn't it?

I have a passion for mysticism - or spiritual connection - and for this to be expressed in which ever way a person feels called. My personal journey is within the Christian tradition - where I have learned there is a long and rich history of meditation and mystical spiritual practice.

I have a deep longing to sponsor others to deepen their knowledge of themselves, to create healing in their lives and to deepen their spiritual walk. 

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A Seven Circle Classical Labyrinth

Here is a labyrinth that I created for prayerful meditation. Instructions for creating your own labyrinth can be found here at draw your own labyrinth. I trace my finger around the labyrinth as I pray. This is an example of a ZIA or Zentangle Inspired Art.

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  1. Great art Helen. It feels like the bones or fossilized remains of something old / something new. And thank you for your brave post - Goddess of Light !!!