Monday, 8 June 2015

My Zentangles

Perfect discipline is perfect freedom - Arianna Huffington.

I believe we are defined by our habits - the things that we do on a regular basis. The practise of meditation is the pathway to bringing divine energy into daily living. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. It is a skill like any other that takes time to learn. After practising various meditation disciplines over a number of years, I found Zentangle very quickly fitted in as part of my regular practise, providing rich benefits as I surrender to the healing process of drawing.

Zentangle, TanglePatterns String #138, Bumps, Spyz, Striping, Vano, Light to go places
TanglePatterns String #138 Bumps Spyz Striping Vano

Zentangle, D-Vine, Aquafluer, Light to go places
My own string D-vine and Aquafleur

Zentangle, TanglePatterns String #161, Kuke, Beadlines, Duotangle, Light to go places
TanglePatterns String #161 Kuke Beadlines
I love how this turned out! I found this a reasonably challenging string to work with.

I love that there is a library of strings to refer to on TanglePatterns. This tangle was drawn based on an older string that I discovered scrolling through.

Zentangle, TanglePatterns String #85, Pinbawl, Knights Bridge, Dion, Light to go places
TanglePatterns String #85 Pinbawl Knights Bridge Dion

 Two Tangles featuring Tangle Patterns String #159

Zentangle, TanglePatterns String #159, Zuan Shi, Kofeforn, Fang, Hollibaugh, Light to go places
TanglePatterns String #159 Zuan Shi Kofeforn Fang Hollibaugh

Zentangle, TanglePatterns String #159, Pax, Cadent, Raindotty, Isochor tangleation, Light to go places
TanglePatterns String #159 Pax Cadent Raindotty Isochor tangleation

Two Tangles featuring Tangle Patterns String #156

Zentangle, TanglePatterns String #156, Meer, Slalom, Golven, Light to go places
TanglePatterns String #156 Meer Slalom Golven

Zentangle, TanglePatterns String #156,  Lotsadots, Lealad, Light to go places
TanglePatterns String #156  Lotsadots Lealad

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Diva's Weekly Challenge

I find I look forward to the Diva's Weekly Challenge. It keeps my Zentangles fresh and fun. The challenge has also encouraged me to learn to blog so I can participate in the global network of the Zentangle community. I love looking at the amazing ways people approach the challenge. I hope you enjoy my contributions and find them a source of inspiration.

Challenge # 247

"African Art"
 I love the flamboyance of African Art!

Diva Challenge #247, African Art, Meer, Fescu, Zentangle, Light to go places
Diva Challenge #247 African Art Meer Fescu

Challenge # 243

"Tripoli Triptastic"
This weeks tangle was like a combo, still influenced by "just a tiny taste' from last week.....

Diva Challenge #244,Tripoli, Monotangle, Light to go places
Diva Challenge #244 Tripoli Monotangle



Challenge # 243

"Just a tiny taste"
I had fun making a "tangleation"  of Meer, one of my favourite go to tangles. I hope you like it!

Diva Challenge #243, Just a tiny taste, Meer, Monotangle, Tangleation, Light to go places
Diva Challenge #243 Just a tiny taste Meer


Challenge # 241

"Stones and Ceremony"
I have a beautiful stone that I collected on a beach in my birthplace of King Island, Australia. King Island is a small inhabited island between Victoria and Tasmania with very wild weather. I used the stone to create the string by tracing it's outline 3 times.

Diva Challenge #241, Stones and Ceremony, Tipple, Aquafleur tangleation, Isochor, Light to go places
Diva Challenge #241 Stones and Ceremony Tipple Aquafleur Isochor

My "King Island" stone

Challenge # 239

"Munchin Play"

Zentangle, Diva Challenge #239, Munchin, Monotangle, Light to go places
Diva Challenge #239 Munchin

Challenge # 237

"Dye your string"

ntangle, Diva Challenge #237, Vano, Ilana, Striping, Light to go places

Diva Challenge #237 Vano Ilana Striping



Challenge # 236

"Tangle Unexpected"

It was fun searching the house for a suitable "string". I found a magazine called The Hour Glass with a beautiful line drawing of the innards of a watch.

Zentangle, Diva Challenge #236, The Hour Glass, Verve, Vano, Crescent Moon, Light to go places
Diva Challenge #236 Verve Vano Crescent Moon



Challenge # 235


Today I posted 2 images of the same tile as the energy "popped" for me in both directions.
Thanks for another fun challenge!
Go Places!

Diva Challenge #235, Meer, Rain, Zentangle, Light to go places
Diva Challenge #235 Meer Rain

Diva Challenge #235, Meer, Rain, Zentangle, Light to go places
Diva Challenge #235 Meer Rain

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Meditation through drawing

After a particularly difficult period in my life a friend suggested Zentangle. I have found my Zentangle journey to be of enormous benefit. It, for me, is a great way to release tension in a short period of time, and to feel renewed and invigorated. 

A Zentangle is satisfying because a product can be produced in a short period of time.

I have discovered that there is an amazing online global community, who willingly share their ideas and their beautiful Zentangles. It is fun participating in such a community! Here are some great web links to get you started.

Weekly drawing challenge

Zentangle, own string, Pax, Sez, tipple, Isochor, Nipa

Zentangle Pax Sez Tipple Isochor Nipa

My starting point was to use Beckah Krahula's wonderful book One Zentangle A Day. This book lovingly and methodically took me through a whole range of drawing techniques until I felt comfortable creating my own unique Zentangles. It took some time before I could use the web pages listed above as a resource as they were a little overwhelming at the start. Now they are my daily companion as I explore new patterns and combinations of ideas.

An early Zentangle using Flux Knights Bridge Festune Shattuck and Poke Root

About me

My transformational journey to health and wholeness

Greetings! My name is Helen - which in Greek means goddess of light! I choose, with grace, to embody my name.

I'm a wife, mother, meditator, business owner, a healthy lifestyle and transformation advocate. I am, at the age of 57, the healthiest and happiest I have been.

Through my somewhat messy life journey I have found some amazing guidance, often through mentors, along the way. My hope is that my website will be a portal for you to link to some amazing thinking and ways of being. It may not always be within your current paradigm - but that's okay isn't it?

I have a passion for mysticism - or spiritual connection - and for this to be expressed in which ever way a person feels called. My personal journey is within the Christian tradition - where I have learned there is a long and rich history of meditation and mystical spiritual practice.

I have a deep longing to sponsor others to deepen their knowledge of themselves, to create healing in their lives and to deepen their spiritual walk. 

classical labyrinth, printemps, meer, striping, Zentangle Inspired Art, Helen Rowlands, Light To Go Places
A Seven Circle Classical Labyrinth

Here is a labyrinth that I created for prayerful meditation. Instructions for creating your own labyrinth can be found here at draw your own labyrinth. I trace my finger around the labyrinth as I pray. This is an example of a ZIA or Zentangle Inspired Art.